Thursday, April 1, 2010

Misteri Kentut

I found this when I was in the net.Here is some facts about kentut that u might not know:

  • Fart is mixtures of air produces hasil dari proses penghadaman.composisinya ialah nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen and other crap u dont want.

  • Average person fart sebanyak 14 kali sehari ~ korang kire x brape kali korang kentut sehari?if u do more than 14 u might want to check urself.That 14 times of farts produce half a liter fart gas a day.i wish those gas can be used on my bike..

  • Fart can comes out from ur hole at 7mph which is equal to 11.2km/h ~ wow thats fast.And the fart is flammable! ~ u might have to hold ur farts when somebody is smoking near u.

  • Kebanyakkan fart dihasilkan daripada udara yang kite the bubbles from this is big and could produce loud 'explosion' sound.But however it is if u listen to bunyi kentut yang tahap gegar bumi punye toksah risau.tade bau punye:)

  • Tapi in some other fart, bacterial fermentation and food digestion could produce various pungent gases (u know what thats mean). Unfortunately the bubbles is small.Hence, low sound.So u might sumtime tengah rilex2 suddenly u feel like suffocated and u cant breath haha.its a silent killer!The chemical components that makes em smelly is the hydrogen sulphide (H2S)

  • Ur 'hole' ade nerves yang boleh detect things yang going out tu kentut ke..atau..hehehe..but sumtime the nerves got confused dan blurr (mohu2 chi) so die takle kenal y mane tutt y mane satu creettt.This is the reason of terkincit and tercirit..

  • Finally here is some foods that might make u farts.So then when u know this u might want to avoid from eating em in a formal party or before u are going to an interview:
    • Beans ~ they are the best at making people fart
    • corn
    • milk
    • egg
    • raisins
    • cabbage
    • garlic
    • anion
    • oat
    • sweet potato

  • Uhh by the way, vegetarians fart more than non vegetarians;)