Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Updates!

Wow! Been like 5 months without any news! Haha..Just decided to open this lonely empty blog to tells what happened this morning..and why not i put down some stories for the last few months.

Anyway, let me share this morning story.

Being over 180cm tall give me a pair of leg long enough to reach the gravel firmly at almost 99.9% situation when I am on my Versys. So things like 'jatuh bodo' or 'tumbang' most likely wont happen to me. But if happened to be, your bike is safely peacefully being jacked up on your paddock stand and your lovely wife who always help you to release it every morning before you both go to work suddenly rushing a bit more than usual and leave you with the bike (and the paddock stand)...then you will need to think of something. Yup i did what you think I will do..I try to release it on my own. I've done it once all by myself. It is not so safe..but i managed to do it.Safely.

But this morning i do it differently, I locked the handle and did not release the stand. What was in my mind is..releasing it will move the bike forward..soo I will hold it on the tail quickly after I release it..Ain't a good idea.At all.Once i released it, the bike moved forward to the left (because i lock the handle bar) and finally goes down totally.Lucky that I have my Givi side pannier and just done carbon finished KTM hand guard to protect the bike from much heavy damages.

Ended up with much more scratches on the left side box, cracked hand guard and little other scratches on the engine body.Not to forget pain on my shoulder as I lifted up the heavy bike all in the sudden early in the morning. Rushing to the office, I prepared my riding gear, then vroomm..without really sit down and cry for the silly mistake..

A day to remember i guess. Releasing the paddock stand by myself is a doable thing. But the way I execute it was totally wrong. Lesson learned.