Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 2017 - Seeking For A Turning Point (Again)

Well it has been 7 months  after my transfer from Northern to Central, from a coordinator to a manager. The situation now is...tough. I would say.. its kind of a wrong choice (hehe). Not totally, i mean i can bear with it and learn as much as i can. But the fact is..this is not my cup of coffee. I wouldn't blame the situation i am in. I mean the place, the people, the circumstances..yes it is not perfect. Not perfect at all. Tough. Super tough.

When I decided to move to Central, and take the position I was thinking of a different lifestyle. A better one of course. I get to spend more time with the family, learn new things..earn more on my way up, getting the best out of myself..most important to generally change myself to be a better me in so much ways..Unfortunately..or better I say 

Now work life balance seems impossible for me.. I work 6 days per week. And to add to it the office is not so close to my home. It is 1 hour approximately by car and around 30 minutes by bike. Anyway I bought a new beast (=P).. I will share about that in another post. And with my hard to move habit.. I always end up leaving office at 8.30 PM or even 10.30 PM.. So basically i can change that. I mean i can make my move earlier maybe at 6 PM or 6:30PM.. but its just me..

OK la nak balik dulu..later i will mumble some more...